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  1. Are Los Angeles county rules much different? I live in Little rock. I’m looking to place a couple of tiny hones on my property. Is this a possibility in LA county. Thanks for your help.

    1. Hi Russ. Good question. Even though the state has been pushing for the ADUs to take pressure off the local rents, Los Angeles City fought the more liberal changes till recently. The county allows ADUs, but because of the guideline variables, I recommend getting an architect familiar with your area (and the newest ADU parameters) to evaluate your specific property and see if the construction of the multiple structures are doable.

  2. Do you know what would be the concerns for a property in the coastal commission area? Specifically, Topanga Canyon. It’s tough to get permission to build anything there, but does this remove some of the difficulties now?

    1. As a generality many of the of the code/permitting issues to build AUDs in California/Los Angeles region have be eliminated or eased up… That said the Coastal Commission is dancing to their own song (difficult as you know), and if you’re dealing with septic tanks, that adds another layer of criteria. I recommend discussing your specific scenario with a “knowledgeable” residential architect that’s familiar with the commission and construction in the Santa Monica Mountains. Good luck.

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