Tax Deferral (1031 Exchange)

Even after messing with the income tax codes, Uncle Sam left intact one of the most powerful tools to avoid paying taxes and allowing a real estate investor to perpetuate, and compound, equity. This page is lengthy but full of information.

Investment Property Evaluation
How does a smart real estate investor evaluate a potential acquisition? Here are the different approaches commonly used to determine if a property is right for investment purposes.

Fixing for Value
Regardless if your idea of a fixer is a little carpet and paint, or adding a second story and a retaining wall, lets evaluate the anatomy of a fixer and how to make money, avoiding the money pit.

Advanced Financing
Did you know that you can be an “A” borrower, with a large down payment, and still not get a standard loan because of the properties condition? Lets evaluate how to determine if a property is capable of being financed. Also how to use the governments money to finance the purchase and refurbish the property in a single loan. The HUD 203K!

Success Stories
Step by step fixer investments, from procurement philosophies through the refurbishing process and property liquidation.

Contractor, Handyman or Me?
Ok, so you’re handy. Let’s evaluate when you can do the work, and when you should pay for another person to do the job.

Zoning & Permits
Government documentation and regulations can make or break an investment. Lets see how we can make money developing a property to the best, and highest use of the zoning. How to evaluate the legal (or illegal) aspects of a property, and making money because of it.