All loan applicants receive their own web page supplying 24 hour loan status information. The best communication (via technology or verbal) guaranteed! You will never live the nightmare of not knowing what’s going on, with Ron Henderson or MRES!

Strengthen your negotiation positioning, and verify what price range of properties you should be evaluating, by having MRES prequalify you for a loan. This is a free service with no obligations, and is also useful for refinancing and equity loans. Just supply a little basic information into our SECURED form, and you will have the best personal assessment possible.

Online Loan Application
Expedite your loan process by completing your SECURED loan application online!
Mortgage applications are very detailed and often require the aid of a loan officer or real estate professional. We’ve designed this form to take some of the difficulty out of filling out a complete loan application on your own. Be assured that the information you are about to enter will be encrypted and kept strictly confidential on our secure server.

Loan Programs
Did you know that getting a 30 year fixed mortgage is like paying a premium for a 30 year insurance policy? Depending on the yield curve, and your personal requirements, a different loan program might be better suited to your needs. Learn how to save money, or qualify for more house for the same dollar.

Loan Application Process
Unsure of the procedure to acquire a real estate loan? Well here’s a blow by blow of the system.

Bond/Interest Rate Updates
Mortgage rates are volatile and are tied to the international currency markets. Check the latest activity of the bonds and notes that the rates are coupled to.

Loan Calculator
Use this calculator to determine the maximum loan you would qualify for using standard lender underwriting income guidelines. (Many other factors come into play. Contact MRES for a more accurate evaluation).

Yield Curves
One of the most critical elements to evaluate when trying to figure out what kind of loan program to get. This little followed (or understood) interest rate trend can direct you to an intermediate or short term loan (3,5, 7, 10, 15 year) instead of a standard 30 year fixed. Or visa verse. (read more…)

Credit Overviews
One of the most critical elements that lenders look at is a persons credit rating. What’s a FICO score, and why is it so critical? How do FICO scores determine an interest rate or the Loan to Value a person will qualify for? What can I do to improve, or accidentally lower, my FICO? How will the derogatory’s on my credit be evaluated by lenders?

Refinance Yes or No?
When will it make sense to refinance my loan? And why is the old wife’s tale that a rate has to drop 2% before I can refi a joke?

15yr vs. 30yr
Paying off a loan in 15 years instead of 30 can save you a lot of money in interest paid, but is it really worth it? There are several things to consider before locking in that 15 year amortization schedule.

Debt Consolidation
We all know paying consumer credit interest stinks. Now that you are paying out a chunk of your monthly income, or want to do capital improvements to your home, check out how to make a smart financial move by tying your debt to your home. Or even more critical, when NOT to encumber your property!

First Time Buyers
So you think it will take forever to save enough for a down payment to buy your home? MRES has access to the most creative first time buyer programs allowing for low, or no down payments, flexible income and credit guidelines, etc. Let’s review our options. (HINT: you don’t have to be a first time buyer to use many of the programs)

FHA/VA Gov’t Loans
Did you know the US government doesn’t make real estate loans? They guarantee them. They act in the same capacity as a PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) company does, but they have unique guidelines.

0 Point & O Cost Loans
Everyone wants to save a dollar. Loans are like balloons. Squeeze one side, and it swells up on the other side. Lets see if we should save on the rate or on the closing costs. (MRES always gives program options, and explains the pros and cons of the all the variables)