The PACTrust Buyer Benefits

10 Benefits for the Buyer
  1. Compared with more common (and often more precarious) forms of seller-assisted real estate financing, the PACTrust system provides essentially the same benefits of home ownership that any new mortgage might, with minimum effort, and maximum safety and convenience–along with:
  2. Easier financing qualification, and payment arrangements (e.g., the buyer is by the property owner on his/her terms)
  3. Low minimal or or maybe NO down payment – the PACTrust buyer often pays closing costs only (which includes escrow fees, miscellaneous setup fees and charges, and perhaps a portion – or – all of the Realtor’s commission)
  4. Income tax deduction for mortgage interest deduction and property tax deduction
  5. Equity build up as the mortgage principle is reduced
  6. Appreciation and profit potential over time
  7. Protection (shielding) of the property from judgement-creditor leins, tax leins, lawsuit: or claims in martial dispute by an [ex]spouse of either party
  8. Pride-of-ownership, without the rules and constraints of conventional real estate acquisition and mortgage processes
  9. Protection from any untoward acts of the “other party” (such as the potential for a seller’s neglect in failing to pay creditors; non responsiveness to requests or requirements; damaging the property’s title by, say, marital dispute, bankruptcy, judgement-leins or tax-liens
  10. One needn’t scrimp and save forever in order to begin enjoying the benefits of home-ownership

PACTrust Sellers Benefits

PACTrust Overview

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