downloadThe San Fernando Valley is one of the most diversified areas in the world. It is the northern area of Los Angeles, north of the Hollywood Hills.

The San Fernando Valley is a community of attractive contrasts. What was once a land of farms and dairy farms adjoining the Mission de San Fernando Rey is now a lively center of manufacturing and commerce. The San Fernando Valley takes pleasure in a sweeping view of the panoramic San Gabriel foothills and a sense of privacy; yet it is only minutes from downtown Los Angeles and other centers of commercial activity, because of a network of freeways and close-by airports. The Valley combines modern metropolitan conveniences with a close-knit community of hospitable, and civic-minded residents.

The valley’s climate is hot during the summer, but not as some describe, a desert. It initially was naturally a “temperate grasslands, savannas, and shrublands biome” of grassland. The San Fernando Valley is the home of numerous neighborhood city parks, and large Regional Open Space preserves. Many are maintained as public parkland by the National Park Service’s Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, the California State Parks, and local county and community parks districts.

The San Fernando Valley is a the home of numerous media companies. The most well-known of which are based in movie, music recording, and television production. Former movie ranches were branches of original movie studios. Some of the companies that make the Valley their home include CBS Studio Center, NBCUniversal, The Walt Disney Company (and its ABC television network), and Warner Bros. There’s always something to do in the San Fernando Valley – from museum exhibits, live theater, film festivals, kid-friendly events, and a lot more.

A warm sunny climate and lots of leisure activities contribute to the Valley’s drawing power. The weather is downright Mediterranean, with average rainfall of 12″– 17″ and 44 % humidity. Average temperatures vary from 85 degrees in summer to lows of 47 degrees in winter. It’s not surprising that people are finding San Fernando an ideal place to stay and work!

The San Fernando Valley has it all. It’s comprised of gorgeous suburbs and mini-malls. Significant network and animation studios call it home. Then there are the remarkable possibilities for dining and entertainment. The Valley has anything you need or want: terrific food, good fun, and certainly fabulous shopping.